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Dear Cards are proudly made in the U.S.A. and are sold with satisfaction in many supermarkets, pharmacies, car washes and hospital gift shops across the country. Our cards provide a sincere, inspirational way to encourage, celebrate and promote family values.

Dear Cards are beautifully presented in a 72 pocket display for a total of 36 dozen cards. The spinner rack only takes up 2 square feet of space and you will receive 62 titles.

You can swap your cards when your rack needs to be replenished. When your pockets get low or empty, with your approval, we will send you a new shipment of cards. You send the old cards back and will receive credit for the old cards before you are billed.

There is no payment up front for the swap, so you will not have to wait weeks for a refund check!


Beverly Mahaffey, CEO

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